Photo of Jen and Ben in London

To us, travel is …

More than a luxury and more than an escape.

Travel is a way to find yourself when you are lost. It is an education that enhances our everyday reality and evolution.

Inclusive and accessible as life changes.

Families grow, expand and learn together through travel experiences.

Connection to the global community.

Shared experiences of culture and food bring us closer together.

We know how important it is to be there for the moments that matter most:

photo of a woman doing yoga at a spa in austin texas
Travel is personal.

And that is why you need a travel professional who cares about you, takes the time to listen and understands what makes you uniquely you.

We meet you where you are.

JBO Travel works with busy people to design meaningful travel experiences that enrich lives.

Need help deciding where and when to go? Let’s start there.

Know what you want but not the how? Good news – we do.

No time? By becoming an expert in your travel style and taste, every trip we plan will become more efficient and take less of your valuable time.

Even through challenges, you’ll be treated as VIP the entire way.

We make sure our hotel, cruise and tour partners know what an awesome VIP you are before you even arrive!

If unexpected you-know-what happens, we’ll help you resolve it ASAP.

Discover one of a kind experiences that you can’t find on Google.
(Like Churchill’s Desk in Bunker shown in the photo on the right)

JBO Travel provides exceptional value for the best travel experience.

As our client, your travel will be tailored to you with VIP treatment and the benefits of the world’s premier travel network.

Destination wedding on the beach with 3 wheelchairs?
That is how JBO Travel began.

Jen partnered with a best-in-class team to design a dream celebration: an intimate (but not simple) destination wedding on the beach in Florida with 3 wheelchairs, guests traveling in from all over and ages 2 to 99.

In Jen’s career as a CPA in corporate finance, she had the privilege to work alongside colleagues around the world, from Belgium to India.

Experience and passion blended into a vision: enrich the lives of others by helping them Journey Beyond Ordinary.

Who is Jen? Founder of JBO Travel who loves making your travel dreams come true!

Jen is a traveler, yogi and bookworm. Tenacious and insatiably curious student of the world. Animal lover, wife and a bit of a free spirit.

People describe Jen as:
“Always up for an adventure.”
“Energizer bunny.”
“Organization and life hack junkie.”

Jen’s favorite things:
Date nights with Ben (or her girlfriends!) in new cities.
That first deep breath of an unexplored destination.
Authentic conversations over coffee. (And coffee.)

Working with JBO Travel was amazing!! They set-up everything for us. It was exactly what we were looking for: truly paradise.

Elizabeth WardOne & Only, Palmilla

Giving Back: JBO Travel Supports Sharing Resources

Volunteer Trips

Travel with purpose through JBO Travel’s partnership with organizations like Me to We and G Adventures. Contact us to learn about upcoming volunteer trips as well as custom designing your own.

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Pack for a Purpose

Make your travels meaningful. Have a Big Impact in the communities you visit. Simply use a small amount of space in your luggage to pack supplies needed by community projects around the world.

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Sustainable Tourism

With partners like Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, JBO Travel can help you reduce environmental impact, protect cultural and natural heritage and provide economic support to local communities.

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