First, an apology. When JBO Travel began just over a year ago, I did not know how to shed my corporate skin and show up for you. I was scared of being messy, making mistakes and showing any weakness at all. “JBO Travel is a company! It has to be flawless!”

Well, perfection is a lie. And it is exhausting. Do you know anything about that?

  • Perfection is trying to control the uncontrollable (guess how that turns out).
  • Perfection is a terrible attempt at guarding yourself (or myself) from criticism & failure – both are inevitable at times.
  • Perfection assumes a black-and-white world where the rules are straight forward and always apply. And this world we live in, the vibrant one with cultures we fly halfway around the world to witness? Definitely not black and white.

Perfectionism and Excellence are not the same thing. I can deliver Excellence with Authenticity, but not if I’m hiding behind the lie of perfection.

So, I took a step back and reviewed the Values I drafted over a year ago for my dream of JBO Travel. Conveniently, it spells ASPIRES.

Authenticity of Character

Stewardship to Our Global Community

Passion for Travel & People

Inclusivity, Innovation & Creativity

Respect for Beliefs, Cultures and Differences

Education (it breaks down barriers)


It would be easier to write about the last hotel I visited and tell you why you should stay there and my favorite part. (Hint: The dog. If there is a dog, my favorite part is always the dog.) And you will probably still get some of that on Social Media. But – it is important for us to share an outward, public way to live these words as JBO Travel ASPIRES for you. Your trust in JBO Travel is an honor, and you deserve to know who I (Jen) am and what JBO Travel is and truly stands for.

I made a choice to invest this space in the future of JBO Travel remaining authentic, personal, encouraging and real.

Disclaimer: Life can get pretty crazy sometimes.

Jen xx

P.S. Reclamation is a 10-month personal exploration led by Molly Mahar of Stratejoy. Every month we have a theme. February was Authenticity.

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