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Luxury is hard to define – and it comes with at least a little baggage (pun intended).

But does it mean expensive? Flashy? Or… exclusive? Ew. That is the OPPOSITE of what I believe about travel!

Inclusivity is one of my highest values from childhood when I volunteered in Special Needs classrooms to the last few years when life has made it harder to get around as a whole family (more on that later).

I love that there are so many ways to travel that fit each individual’s personality, interests, time and the financial investment they can make. Some people have the luxury of time, know how to navigate the tools to research and love planning and designing their own adventure. And a lot of people don’t – they want to travel, but it is overwhelming or they simply don’t have the energy. How many caregivers and or parents with young children do you know who take time for themselves, their wants and fueling their own wanderlust?

Which brings me to why JBO Travel is a Luxury Travel Agency. Let me offer you a beautiful quote from Jasmine Dowling:

Luxury is not having to be anywhere, it is a state of mind. Luxury is quality, fresh sheets. Luxury is freedom, the warm sun on your skin, diving into the ocean. Luxury is simplicity, timeless and effortless. Luxury is appreciating the beauty that surrounds all of us. It is TRAVEL. Luxury is in the hand made, sleeping in, eating just for pleasure, or any pleasure really. Luxury is love, passion projects. It is indulgence. Luxury is in the details. Luxury is fresh flowers & luxury is time.

That is luxury! Luxury is choice. Luxury is personal. Luxury is being seen as a person, with experiences hand-picked or curated just for you. With the internet, there are ads for all of these Online Travel Agencies and it starts to feel like that may be all there is – to the point where people forget that there is another way.

JBO Travel’s vision – To Journey Beyond Ordinary – offers another way. I invite you to join me and JBO Travel on this journey, to see luxury as so much more than butlers and bidets.

Jen xx
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